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For many years I happily used a mid-2010 Mac Pro (still one of the best towers Apple ever made) with an upgraded six-core 3.46 GHz processor from OWC, seven large capacity internal HDD and SSD hard drives, with the boot drive on a PCIe card for speed, another PCIe expansion card for USB 3.0 support and a 27" Apple Thunderbolt display. I loved that Mac so much and kept it going as long as I could.

In early 2021 I upgraded to a fully loaded M1 Mac Mini. For years I've followed diglloyd's advice and separated the system files from the user created files. With regular backups, if either drive fails it's just a matter of minutes to swap out the failed drive without the worry of losing either the OS or documents. So the Mac mini has the SSD containing just the boot drive with applications, while an external SSD drive holds all my user created content. I also use a 2021 13" M1 MacBook Air.

All hard drives are regularly backed up to hard drives stored in rotating onsite and offsite locations, and continuous cloud backups made using Backblaze, with archives stored using Backblaze B2 cloud storage. Website files are stored locally and pushed to a GitHub repo and then to the server using DeployHQ.

Website Hosting

For many years now I've used SiteGround for my website hosting. They're fast, reliable and their tech support outstanding. Full disclosure - I get a free month of hosting for each person who signs up using my referral link. This is as much as I can do to earn money from this site...

I'm not going to lie to you, this website looks its best in Safari and in landscape format on an iPad. Did I make the effort to make it look good in other browsers? Not really. Having said that, it should look OK in Brave and Arc.


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