At Least It's Not Snowing

Omega 4x5 enlarger with Aristo cold-light head

This has been one long, snowy winter, and one for the record books, but today the snow has turned to rain, and it's wet and windy, perfect for a day to be printing in the darkoom.

During the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, it became increasingly difficult to obtain some of the materials I use, one being Ethol LPD developer, which was on backorder for ages, so I bought out my old formula books and started making print developers from scratch again.

Recently, I had a great job to print for a new client and we wanted neutral tones, so I used Ilford Multigrade FB gloss paper and a developer similar to Ilford PQ. Diluted 1:3, this formula gave me a clean, working strength solution and easily lasted the day, for about 30-40 8x10" prints.

Ilford PQ Stock Solution
Phenidone — 0.5g
Sodium Sulphite — 50g
Hydroquinone — 12g
Sodium Carbonate — 60g
Potassium Bromide — 2g
Cold water (to make) — 1000ml
(Dilute 1:3 for a working solution)

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