My Father's Shirts

Another project I’ve been working on over past year has been the limited edition of George Slade’s book, My Father’s Shirts, with the book cloth being his father’s Brooks Brothers shirts.

Keeping the shirt pattern square, lining up the pattern with the book board covers properly, and preparing the cloth so that the adhesive wouldn’t soak through were a few of the hurdles, but we got there with some help from Beth and her sewing skills.

I was supplied the untrimmed book blocks from the printer and the InDesign files from the designer. I printed the fold-out endpapers on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Book and Album paper, a double-sided paper made specifically for book artists, so the grain is always running in the correct direction. Endbands were added to the book block, the title and author details added to a spine label and finally a debossed photograph of George’s father was set into the front cover.

Read the Lenscratch interview by Hannah Latham with George about the project.

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