Working in Platinum

Tuscan Lemons


This past week I've been platinum printing once again, and now the number of prints left in this edition is down to just 10.

The original was shot on 120 chrome and the internegative made using a Kodak graphic arts film, which is no longer available. The change in the studio light source, from a 5kw mercury-halide lamp to an LED lamp, meant that the original negative was problematic, with incredibly long exposure times. I retrieved the original film, scanned it, and edited it in Photoshop to duplicate the original look that Cy was after.

I made the digital negative using a system I had previously calibrated to work specifically with the LED lamp and printed that in platinum-palladium.

Tuscan Lemons, by Cy DeCosse.
Printed in platinum-palladium in an edition of 50.
15 x 15" image on 20 x 24" Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper.

A detailed description of the process can be found on my services page.

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